Who we are, what we do, and how to find us..

Hello and welcome to the website for My Kid Has Cancer support group. 


Who are we?

We are a facebook group, providing easily accessible online friendship and support to parents of children with cancer and leukaemia, and only to parents (or primary carers) of children with cancer and leukaemia.  We are totally committed to providing safe and private environment where no question is too dificult or too trivial, and no subject is taboo.  That means no-one will try to sell you anything, you won't find any faith healers, and no-one at all who doesn't "get it", because we find enough of those in the real world.  What is said in the group stays in the group - there is no option to "share" from the group, and your privacy is respected at all times.  To connect with the group and join in the chat, the fun, the laughter and the tears, you will need to have a facebook account..then follow the instructions on our page.


What do we do?  And what can't we do?

We provide a safe enviroment where parents of children with cancer can talk about their feelings, their children, their treatment, compare notes and offer hints and tips for coping with everything from hair loss to 'roid rage and tantrums and side effects - and all without fear of their family or friends reading it.  This is the space where you can let rip, let off steam, and say the things you can't say on your own facebook page. 

We don't give medical advice, ever, but we do help each other find information and links to all sorts of things, whether it's a drugs trial or travel insurance (or any number of other things).  Our combined people power has helped bring about change in some of the bigger cancer charities too.  We also have a public page with memes and pictures for sharing, because sometimes it's easier to explain to family and friends how this cancer kick affects every aspect of our families lives with something that inspired us..

We will never try to sell you anything, and we don't allow it within the group.  Nor can we allow anyone to push their individual fund-raising - though as a group we work hard to push for greater awareness and support Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  Indeed, we were instrumental in getting the UK to join in with the rest of the planet and recognise it in September.  We don't let anyone in who is not an oncology/haematology parent either - and we do vet applications carefully to make sure!  Faith healers and miracle cure merchants need not apply...


Who can join?

The clue is in the name..!  You must be a parent or primary carer (step- or foster-parent, or grandparent carer for example) of a child with a cancer or leukaemia diagnosis.  We will never ask anyone to leave when their child reaches the end of treatment, enters remission, or if the worst should happen and they die, but will continue to be there for friendship and moral support for as long as you wish.  (We have a sister group for bereaved parents, but it's not compulsory to join that, or even to join in).


How to find us.

You will need a facebook account if you don't have one already, and then simply type "My Kid Has Cancer" into the search bar and follow the instructions. One of the admin team will usually respond within 24 hours. Remember to check your "other" folder for our reply though, as messages won't show in your main message menu unless you are "friends" with that person.


I know a child with cancer - but it's not my kid..

If you're trying to support a family member, a friend, or are involved with a child with this diagnosis, head on over to the Not My Kid page where you'll find all sorts of helpful advice and information, which will be added to on a purely ad hoc basis.  Often, we only realise that a misconception is a common misconception when we notice in the group how very not alone we are with a particular experience or bug-bear.  You'll put your size ten in it - you're only human - but hopefully we can help you avoid the more common pitfalls, and help to preserve friendships and promote good working relationships through some pretty tough times.